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Revitalvision by Neurovision  

The Science


Blurred vision from the eyes can be improved by enhancing brain processing. Unlike eye exercise programs that focus on relaxing eye muscles, NeuroVision is clinically proven.

During the training sessions the user is presented with a series of precise visual tasks consisting of patterned images with subtle differences in orientation, size and contrast. Through repetitive practice the brain is trained to be more efficient and to improve visual processing. Specialized NeuroVision™ algorithms analyze performance and continuously adjust the training sessions to substantially improve vision.

A more detailed explanation of the science can be found here.

Based on science created by Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor, NeuroVision is the result of more than two decades of scientific and clinical research in the field of neuroscience.

"I went into this very skeptical, but I did see a positive effect for the patients in the clinical studies. I was impressed that we could improve vision without doing surgery or without changing the optical structure of the eye, but just by improving the brain's ability to see"
Dr. Daniel S. Durrie, MD


Thousands of customers and clinical trial participants that completed the program have experienced improved eyesight and quality of life. Most customers notice results in as little as 10 sessions completed at home.

The program uses neural training to improve your vision. Just like learning to walk, riding a bicycle and learning to swim have long lasting effects, so does NeuroVision. Clinical results prove that 85% of what you learn as part of your NeuroVision™ therapy is retained.



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