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Revitalvision by Neurovision  

Improve Vision Without Surgery
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Amblyopia Therapy Post Cataract Presbyopia
Low Myopia Post LASIK Low Vision

The NeuroVision Training System
Blurred vision from the eyes can be improved by enhancing brain processing.
The vision improvement program is:

  • Completed at home on a computer
  • 3 times per week
  • Each of the 30 sessions takes an average of 30 minutes
  • Managed by an eye clinic and professionally monitored by an eye doctor / optometrist
  • Customized to your pace and visual ability
  • The visual improvement is long lasting

Through repetitive practice of precise visual tasks, the brain is trained to be more efficient and to improve visual processing. Specialized NeuroVision™ algorithms analyze performance and continuously adjust the training sessions to substantially improve vision.

NeuroVision trains your brain to see better without surgery, pain, risk or medication
A more detailed explanation of the science can be found here.

Proven Results
Thousands of customers and clinical trial participants who completed the program have experienced improved eyesight and quality of life. On average, vision improves by two lines on an eye chart after completing NeuroVision.

Based on science created by Nobel Prize winner Dennis Gabor, NeuroVision is supported by more than two decades of scientific and clinical research.

The NeuroVision technology has been clinically proven and received FDA approval for Adult Amblyopia (lazy eye), which until now has been considered untreatable. The technology has also received medical CE-Mark for all the current available treatment programs.

Available programs:

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